Joker`s Pickup Lines (Or Something)

Автор: Gabriel
Дата: 21.10.2016 @ 07:20:29
Раздел: Произведения на чужд език

Are you aware,
did you know,
have you been told
you`ve got killer voice,
leaving me no choice
but preemptive action...
Let`s ensure mutual destruction
of clothes;
my thoughts
made them illegal
in a secret meeting,
that security council
in my head...
while the heart was busy beating,
doing its own thing...
Captives in my cells
twisted and bled out
their escape plans...
Excuse me, got sidetracked,
what`s your name again?
I`m twenty-three
but only if you switch
a couple of digits.
For a high-functioning whatever,
I must say I`m admirably sane
but you pull the wrong lever,
and the lyrics spill with the melody
breaking the levee.
So what do you do for a living?
That`s adorable.
How are we still sitting
and talking here?
You thought I`d be taller;
I was expecting you running off screaming.
Let`s drink to that, the small victories!
Time will tell what`s next
if only we listen,
and not read more text,
unless we`re OK with missing out.
God, my thoughts do talk loud!
When did your face get so near?
Lips go "clink", and eyes go "Cheers!"

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