: DianaStefanova
: 24.09.2011 @ 12:33:36

and in my net, during the night, I woke up naked,
the only thing caught, a fish trapped inside the wind.
Enigmas - Pablo Neruda

He lives in a box, by the road, to the right;
his shelter - a hesitant tree;
the wind visits often, but he doesnt mind;
and birds give him concerts for free.

Which way is Nirvana? I ask, and he smiles;
and shrugs with a mischievous air;
I give him an apple. We sit for a while;
the answers are secretly there

It wasnt the man or the box, nor the tree
that shattered perception to lucid.
Subducting my selves in a primitive sea
was strangely the wind with its music.

I dreamed of enigmas embroidered in sand,
awoke in the net of Neruda -
I lifted my branches to shelter a man,
and shared an apple with Buddha.