a letter to Paul

: osi4kata
: 18.06.2011 @ 09:39:31

Hi Paul,
Today, the dawn is so pink
and the grass is so wet, bathed in dew,
The day blooms with finesse and ease,
Its a wonderful start! How are you?

Its been long, since Ive not sent you a message.
Please, do not be angry with me!
I was lost and my sorrow was deeply depressing.
You wouldnt love me like that, Bel Ami*.
I was lonely and looked like a duffer.
I was drowning in tears and pain
If you knew how much I had suffered,
you wouldnt like to hurt me again.
It was so hard. I nearly died from sorrow.
But my souls tough it got used to it and so
You have become the hero of my story
Back from the past.
Paul, you should know:
Life is a miracle a Gift an Advantage.
The grief has been polished to shine.
Tears and sorrow from Love (so romantic)
Lets have a toast to the First Love Of Mine!


That, In fact, is a poem of happiness.
Im as free as a bird.
This is my new Me ferric and fearless.
I am myself and it doesnt hurt.

Well, I do miss you, of course. Its not easy.
Coping with memories, years of longing...
But I am trying to keep myself busy.
And I succeed in it. Now, I am stronger.
Tell me, old friend of mine, how you are doing.
Did you go back to your beautiful wife?
How are the children? I do like them, truly.
Take care, Paul, and be happy! Goodbye!