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намали шрифтанормален шрифтувеличи шрифта…From an old notebook in English language, many, many years ago…
раздел: Произведения на чужд език
автор: bonnka

…The great cities – the wither cities, filled with orderly disorder, the crazy justice, the cold alienation that allow a person to stay near by the fireside not far from here there is a terrible murder.
The city is like a universe: every home – radiance star…or burning planet. The warm, the herd instinct, the smoke and the prayer, the uproar and the ceremony, the all damned show was holding on the mortal fear.
If a person could love someone neighbour, he could get self-respect; if he had a belief he could reach a calmness…but how… in this universe of bricks in this madhouse filled with egoists in this atmosphere of confusion, conflicts, terror, violence.
For the man from the same wither cities is the apparition rest of the great lewd woman, a mother of prostitutes and of the abomination onto the ground. They would hate the lewd woman they’d throw away her devastation and naked to eat her flesh and a fire to burn her. This is frankness about the spiritual death.

* * *
You imagined that the time takes a treatment, but it’s not truth because the time has the ghastly habit to increase the pain with a feeling of blame. In this world there isn’t more vulnerable person and easier prey the guilty man damn all “if”. The remembrance is a rock in the throat – all of the down to the last details; although the years are passed you are feeling the heavy at heart again and again.

* * *
They were dancing just like from the bottom of the life. Their movements were supple but in some parts were sudden according to the music with that grace which is the same like the gypsy women – they were born with the tremor the provocation and the excitement.
They were in the limelight and he couldn’t draw away his eyes in another point. The girls were wild, bold and candies it’s the same as if they said: “…you do open up with us” and he is thinking that: If a woman loves the children and the vices, if she is lazy like a cat but at the same time is energetic like a volcano, if she is ungrateful like a great nation and humble like an east slave woman, it mean that she is an interesting person and the interesting person don’t need understand simply.

Публикувано от alfa_c на 07.08.2009 @ 11:54:09 

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Re: …From an old notebook in English language, many, many years ago…
от Liulina на 07.08.2009 @ 22:44:17
(Профил | Изпрати бележка) http://liulina.blog.bg/
interesthing paragraphs

description is the most interesting